Brian Strauss

After serving for 18 years as one of Congregation Beth Yeshurun’s associate rabbis, Rabbi Brian Strauss became the new senior rabbi on August 1, 2018. His number one goal as the senior rabbi is to bring the wisdom and richness of the Jewish tradition to your life. In our busy, modern-day world, he strives to be there to help you make sense of your daily struggles -- To show you that Judaism has much to say to bring more meaning to your life.

Social action is also a major focus of his senior rabbinate.  He believes very strongly that we can and need to do more for the greater Houston community. He also hopes to see more of you at BethYeshurun on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. Shabbat has always been our time to come together to strengthen old friendships and make new ones. The Sabbath is also the ideal opportunity for our spirits to be uplifted and our souls to be nourished. Therefore, he promises to come up with many novel ways to entice you to come to Beth Yeshurun on Shabbat. No matter your background or your age, he will be working on new approaches to our worship experiences to fully engage you. In his sermons and discussions, he will also offer advice and guidance on life’s most pressing issues that you can use throughout your week. He will also be experimenting with what we offer after services so you will stay and develop stronger relationships with other congregants and your clergy.  

Rabbi Strauss is a graduate of the Zeigler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles and the University of Texas at Austin. He has been a member of the United Jewish Communities Rabbinic Cabinet and the United Jewish Communities National Young Leadership Cabinet. RabbiStrauss has also served on the Texas State Commission on Holocaust and Genocide. He is also a member of the prestigious program Rabbis without Borders, sponsored by the National Jewish Center for Learning &Leadership (CLAL).

A past president of the Houston Rabbinical Association, he is also the author of the book, “To Life, To Family, To Me: 6 Keys to a Good Family Life,” an #1 Category Bestseller. He has often been published in national and local publications. 


When one of the worst natural disasters in American history ripped through Houston, it flooded the city and devastated his home, work, and community. Yet through the power of community, faith in God and humanity, and sheer determination, Hurricane Harvey actually changed Rabbi Strauss’ life for the better. Discover how you can be more prepared for when life’s challenges seem insurmountable. 


Too many of us have damaged relationships with family members, colleagues, and lifelong friends. Yet, too often, people believe it is just better to ignore any attempts of reconciliation. But the latest research about our mental stability and physical health clearly tells us that it is not. Rabbi Strauss tells how he was able to overcome the natural barriers we all face in repairing his strained relationship with his brother.