What's UP?

The UP Experience – Unique Perspectives from Unique People – is all about intellectually stimulating events that bring together extraordinary thought leaders, creators, and innovators with audiences eager and interested in learning. These are the people behind the technologies, the trends, the ideas, and the global movements that shape our existence.

After seven years of creating and producing the only event of its kind in Houston, UP was a learning opportunity, a creative conference, a think tank, and an entertainment event all in one. During 20-minute onstage presentations, each of the speakers discussed his or her work, passion, and ideas for the future; offstage, attendees experienced up close and personal Q&A sessions.

UP² was born out of a desire to bring this concept to corporations and non-profits, with the goal of creating experiences unlike any other. Designed for both personal and professional application, UP² shares an infusion of exceptional people, exceptional thinking and exceptional advances with audiences eager to learn.

About The Founder - Sheryl Rapp has always been infatuated with what’s new, what’s next and what motivates change. She travels the world in search of people who are passionate about sharing extraordinary messages. Her ability to recognize those who can touch and change lives is uncanny. Sheryl was one of the first to book several of today's most sought after and internationally revered speakers. Through years of producing The UP Experience, she learned to recognize those with the intangible “it” factor – the ones who capture the hearts and minds of audiences while bringing them to their feet. She not only watches hundreds of speakers every year but also spends hours researching each before recommending anyone for an event stage. This is a talent that has led Sheryl to be respected and trusted by corporations, event planners and organizations across the country. People know that when Sheryl proposes a speaker, he or she will be the perfect fit for both their audience, and their event.