Randi Rubenstein

As a parenting coach and author of The Parent Gap, Randi helps parents by closing the parent gap - the gap between the parent you want to be, and the parent you currently are, during the REAL moments with your kids - especially when you have an extra fiery one that really knows how to push your buttons! Randi’s parenting philosophy involves replacing lectures with a new parenting conversation…one that is productive between parents and kids. One where your family feels like a cohesive team rather than living in what often feels like a war zone. Closing the parent gap is a critical part to be able to have a productive conversation. When we find ourselves in the gap, that’s when we typically "talk at" and lecture our kids. This is always unproductive and usually falls on deaf ears. Randi is a fellow mom in the trenches herself and loves to share candid real-life stories of her successes and failures in raising her kids (19,16,11) and sharing her experiences with coaching hundreds of parents. She enjoys speaking about the real-life moments and aims to inspire other families to learn from her valuable life lessons. Randi is frequently featured in local media


Arguing with our kids is one way we continue repeating negative patterns we never intended. Humans are actually wired to dissent - to defend our position when we feel attacked in any way. This is why lectures are always met with combativeness and eventually, rebellion by our teenagers.  We want them to feel like they can talk to us about absolutely anything and yet we frequently send the opposite message. No child ever in the history of childhood has ever learned anything from a stern “talking to", even a well-intended one. A productive conversation will enhance and strengthen your most important relationships. Randi will share her method for changing the conversation in your home to one that is connecting, effective and productive.